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About Ugochic

Ugochic was established in 2017 founded by a Korean and Singaporean couple who are currently based in Singapore. 


First and foremost, the common question we get from our customers is, "How do you pronounce Ugochic and what does it mean?"

Here is the answer:

U - You

go - Go

Chic - Elegantly and stylishly fashionable

In Ugochic, we bring in a variety of unique and chic accessories. Our most popular series is the Premium Earrings series which are handmade by our craftsmen in Korea. Then, of course, the Rose Gold series and K-drama series are loved by many of our customers as well. Rest assured that all of our earrings are of good quality and there are safe for sensitive skin.


Last but not least, let's go elegantly and stylishly fashionable with Ugochic! We will do our best to bring you more chic Korean accessories and fashion!


Simon & Bridget

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